Adam Conover

Adam Conover is from Smithtown

Adam Conover was born in Smithtown, NY

Adam Conover is a famous television personality that was born on Long Island in Smithtown, NY. For many people who live in Suffolk County, they are very familiar with Smithtown.

In contrast, many of the citizens in the Township of Smithtown most likely don't even know Adam Conover was born within their neighborhood.

You can watch his television show called "Adam Ruins Everything" on truTv. Adam originally began entertaining his fans on the website

His show "Adam Ruins Everything" described by Adam himself is an educational comedy show. Each episode he debunks many common beliefs that were known to be the status quo.

If you have not seen his television program it can best be compared to Penn and Tellers; Showtime Series called Bull!@#$ or the History's Channel's Myth Busters.

Let's start with this first example of an episode titled "Adam Ruins What We Learned in School."

If you were born in the 90s or earlier this most likely applies to your experience going through the American public education system.

In this episode, he reveals the truths behind the common belief that Christopher Colombus was the man who discovered America. This is important because not only do we get a day off but this is what we were taught in school to be fact.

Adam Conover through his whimsical comedic ways tells the true story of Christopher Columbus and how he became known as the man who discovered America.

In this episode, he reveals how Colombus never actually landed on American soil. He exposes America's most famous author Washington Irving who wrote: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which was about the headless horsemen.

When Washington Irving began to write about Christopher Columbus, he discovered how abused the native Taíno of Hispaniola (Haiti & The Dominican Republic.) Furthermore how Columbus genocided their population from about 300 thousand natives to less than 500.

Washington Irving was a proud American and believed literature is a handy tool to create patriotism. The author took it upon himself to literally re-write history with his book "A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus."

Adam Conover explained during the early 1900s when millions of Italians immigrated to America they found great pride in the Washington Irving's version of Christopher Columbus. Because it gave the new Italian Americans a sense of belonging and patriotism which lead to our national holiday, "Columbus Day."

Adam Conover's television shows format is a plethora of different mediums from live action to animation making for a more entertaining experience.

If you didn't know Adam Conover was from Long Island, NY while watching the show, you might have guessed it without knowing. Because in many of his "Adam Ruins Everything" episodes he often refers to the history of Long Island, NY.

Then in another episode titled "Adam Ruins the Suburbs" he focuses heavily on Levittown and the town's founder William Levitt. Again Levittown is a well known Long Island, NY town.

Adam Conover educates his viewers through a metaphorical board game called "Settlers of the Suburbs, Red Line Edition." The metaphorical game that resembles a Monopoly board has two players Red Areas and Green Areas.

In this board game, Green Neighborhoods were good, but Red Neighborhoods were terrible! The sad truth was the players didn't get decide the color of the areas, but the government did. This practice was named "Red Lining."

Through animation and live action narration, Conover exposes racism in the 1930s. It is detailing how Franklin D. Roosevelt used The New Deal to create loan programs to assist American fund their homes.

Green Neighborhoods were deemed good, but the Red Neighborhoods were labeled bad! This practice was named "Red Lining."

Making it easy for Green Areas to gain real estate loans but for people in the Red Areas, there were no home loans available.

Adam without a filter claims early Long Island, and Suburb developers were racist. Adam was stating that "William Levitt" implemented extremely racist policies.

The direct quote from the show is "Levittown homes must not be used or occupied by any person other than members of the Caucasian race." - William Levitt.

Even more, stating how the Federal Government themselves wanted the developers to also discriminate against non-whites.

Without mentioning any other town in the United States than Levittown may make you wonder why does he focus on Long Island so much?

Well, it's obvious now knowing he is a product of Long Island. In the year 2000, he graduated from Shoreham-Wading River High School on Long Island, NY.

In Conclusion.

Adam Conover is a proud Long Island, NY born native as he refers to their towns so often in his show "Adam Ruins Everything." Outside of his television show, he was also a voice on the animated Netflix series titled "BoJack Horseman."

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