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Commack is a Long Island Town in Suffolk County NY. Commack NY is Well Known for it's Great Commack School District, Commack Weather, Commack Public Library & Restaurants in Commack.

Commack New York is a village within the Town of Smithtown in New York State. It is centrally located in the northwest area of Suffolk County. Commack has a population of about 36,200 people and is about 12 miles in size. This upper-middle-class community boasts attractive suburban neighborhoods, a terrific school system, and many booming retail businesses. Commack's Zip Code is 11725.

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According to the Smithtown Historical Society, Richard “Bull” Smith purchased the portion of Commack (that lies within the town of Smithtown) as part of the colonial land grant in 1665 and as part of another land grant known as the Winnecomac Patent in 1689.

The name Comac is derived from the Algonquin Indian word, “Winnecomac,” meaning "pleasant land" or "beautiful place" and it was the name that the Native Americans and original inhabitants originally gave to the area. If you want to learn more about Commack and New York Indian Tribes.

In the 1900s, many settlers came to the area known as “Comac” and made it their home. It was mostly a farming community and among the farms, homes and small businesses began to spring up within the area around Jericho Turnpike and Townline Road. In about 1906, the spelling of the name changed to Commack.

Historical records indicate that the mail for Comac was often mixed up with the mail for the town of Coram (a town about 15 miles east on Long Island) and the U.S. Postal Service decided to change the spelling of the name to end the confusion.

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Commack is home to several recreational parks, playgrounds, nature preserves, and hiking trails. There are many beautiful Long Island Parks and Commack has many wonderful notable spots. One great example would be Valmont Village Park.

Hoyt Farm

Hoyt Farm is located on New Highway in Commack. While located in Commack, you must be a town of Smithtown resident to park and enter the preserve. Hoyt Farm Park has several picturesque hiking trails, a nature center, playground, picnic area, baseball field and a spray water park that is open during the summer months. Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve and Park is a great place to spend a few hours or an entire day!

Burr Winkle Park

Located on Harvest Lane in Commack, this park offers baseball fields, basketball courts and tennis courts for the sports enthusiasts. It also has a playground with a sandbox, swings, and slides for younger children.

Flynn Memorial Park

This park located on Old Commack Road is home to several baseball and softball fields. It is completely lit up in the evening, so games can be played during the evening hours. It also has a playground and onsite restrooms.

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