Long Island Township Locator

With our Township Locator you will find every Long Island Township from Nassau County to Suffolk County

The #1 Best Township Locator for Long Island, NY. Sprawling through Nassau and Suffolk County are the exceedingly different lifestyles, neighborhoods, and communities. Towns throughout Long Island offer close-knit localities or spread out acres of land. Whether you prefer a ranch, colonial, or craftsman style homes, Long Island has a wide variety of houses to settle into. Every town on Long Island is known for something different.

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From specialty restaurants to landmarks, history, or just pretty scenery, our towns are built to amaze, and more importantly, call home. Each town has its school district with experienced teachers to ready to help children reach the next level in their education.

Long Island towns are accessible by car, train, and bus, which make the island easily visited and livable. It is not uncommon for towns to roll right into one another in Nassau County; you will see a bit more a divide in town’s line throughout Suffolk County.

Further out east, towns within the North and South Fork’s are less populated with residents and more with tourists during the warmer months. Family-friendly neighborhoods are trendy throughout Long Island towns and make for a great place to plant roots.

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