Theresa Caputo

The Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo The Long Island Medium from Hicksville, NY

Theresa Caputo is an American television personality known for being a self-professed medium on the TLC reality TV series, Long Island Medium.

The show premiered on September 25th, 2011 and took place at her home in Hicksville, New York.

Caputo meets with clients at their respective locations and communicates with the dead. Each episode focuses on Caputo as she performs private and group readings with both believers and nonbelievers.

Larry, her husband, and two children live alongside their mother as they embrace her exceptional talent. The series has stuck around for eight seasons, and the popularity of it continues to blossom.

Fans describe her readings as amazing, fun, and uniquely entertaining.

How to Make an Appointment with Theresa Caputo

If you are looking to make an appointment with the Long Island Medium, you’ll have to make an appointment on her website.

The private readings waitlist is currently sitting at two years or more, so be prepared to wait!

If you do get a reading, it will most likely be very similar to the show, describing who she’s seeing (a mother or father figure, child) while delivering messages from the deceased loved one.

A Long Island Medium appointment was revealed to cost in 2014, $50-$175 each. It has also been reported 100% of the money is donated to a charity like The Stonybrook Foundation and Meals on Wheels.

It is unclear if her prices have increased since the initial rate in 2014.

Long Island Medium Tour

Theresa Caputo is on tour for the spring and summer of 2019. Her tour will capture the hearts of residents in Canada and the United States starting in April and wrapping up mid-June. You can also sign up to be a part of the Theresa Caputo tour fan club for exclusive access to presale ticket sales.

Theresa Caputo Tickets

Tickets for her events will only be sold to adults 21+ and range from $44-$84 via Ticketmaster.

Theresa Caputo and Larry

Theresa Caputo’s marriage to Larry announced their split in 2017 and finalized their divorce in December 2018.

They were married for 28 beautiful years and share two children, Larry Jr., and Victoria. The Theresa Caputo Divorce became a top gossip guilty pleasure for many of her fans. They proclaimed to remain friends and raise their children together. Post-divorce, Larry is now residing in Santa Monica, California.

He is currently working on entering the wine and food importing business. He claims to be working on himself and living a stress-free life. He also has been spotted with a new companion and announced that he had met someone special to share his life with.

Despite living on opposite ends of the country, Theresa and Larry are working on having a real friendship with one another. Theresa has publicly stated that at the end of the day, they will always remain a family.

Long Island Medium Skeptics

Is the Long Island Medium fake?

Although Theresa Caputo’s show is big on television, there is a large population of skeptics and disbelievers. According to the Skeptical Inquirer, Caputo typically places familiar faces in the front rows of her shows. These people are usually from previous readings and have a strong relationship with Caputo.

This indicates she’s learned about their past and had time to cultivate their stories for the show beforehand. Caputo is also known for using Facebook and other social media platforms to research her guests more in-depth.

In combination with selling tickets to her show through Ticketmaster and the use of credit cards, Facebook, Foursquare, etc., it’s simple for tech-savvy people to capture demographics on their audience.

Other skeptics have pointed out that the Long Island Medium is fake because Caputo uses the seating chart and solidifies which audience members, she will perform readings on. She is known for asking general questions to her viewers like “who lost a sister?” achieving perfect readings every time.

The Long Island Medium television series continues with new episodes featuring Theresa Caputo on October 8th at 8 pm. Caputo has stated she’s been seeing, feeling, and sensing Spirit since she was four years old but, she didn’t realize how to communicate with the Spirits in heaven until her 20s.

Caputo suffered from rehabilitating anxiety and has had the help her therapist for years. After accepting her gift to talk to the deceased, she discovered her passion for helping to deliver healing messages.