Billy Joel

Billy Joel the Piano Man from Hicksville

Billy Joel is from Long Island, NY

Billy Joel is one of the world's most famous recording musical artists, and he is from Long Island, NY. William Martin Joel was born on May 9, 1949, and grew up in Hicksville, NY. Another famous person from the same town as Billy Joel is Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium.

Billy Joel the Piano Man

Starting as a singer-songwriter in the early 1970s to this day Billy Joel is still one of the most famous musicians, especially on Long Island, NY. Numbers don't lie, and after selling over 150 million records, it is safe to say Billy Joel holds tremendous respect & status in the entertainment & musical industry.

Billy Joel aka Captain Jack

The Piano Man Billy Joel has pumped out over 33 top hits and achieved 23 Grammy Nominations. Captain Jack Billy Joel always has an abundance of wind in his sails! Billy's musical career is legendary because it's still going strong after five decades.

When Billy Joel's concert tickets go on sale, they sell out! From Madison Square Garden in New York City, Fenway Park in Boston to Target Field in Minnesota. If it's Billy Joel on tour, you bet he will fill up any concert!

Top 10 Best Billy Joel Songs

We surveyed over 100 people from Long Island, NY and this how they ranked the best Billy Joel songs. Starting with number ten working our way down to Billy Joel's number one song all are timeless classics.

  1. The Ballad of Billy the Kid
  2. You May Be Right
  3. Tell Her About It
  4. Goodnight Saigon
  5. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
  6. New York State of Mind
  7. Only the Good Die Young
  8. Just the Way You Are
  9. Captain Jack
  10. Piano Man

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Many passionate followers of Billy Joel have their selected favorites for one reason or the other.

Maybe it was because when they heard Piano Man for the first time, they were on a first date with their wife or husband at a Long Island Restaurant.

Or you just had your heart broken after a long relationship. So, while you're sitting at home and having a drink, the song Captain Jack plays and pushes your frown into a smile.

Billy Joel a Matter of Trust

Many Billy Joel fans there is no debate as they see eye to eye on this topic. The song "A Matter of Trust" was the Piano Man's hit that solidified his position as a respected & legendary musician in popular culture. This song was his second single from his 1986 album "The Bridge."

Have you been to a Billy Joel Concert?

If you can't go to or never been to a Billy Joel Concert, you may not know the Billy Joel setlist. Chances are you know Billy Joel's Discography like the back of your hand.

What is Billy Joel Net Worth?

Billy Joel has a Net Worth of about $185 Million Dollars!

Where did Billy Joel grow up?

Billy Joel grew up on Long Island in the Town of Hicksville.

How Old is Billy Joel in 2020?

Billy Joel in 71 years old (Born May 9, 1949)

How tall is Billy Joel?

Five feet, five inches.

In Conclusion:

Billy Joel is a famous musician from Long Island, NY. Across the world, his music is praised and loved. To this very day, Billy Joel still performs concerts and continues to satisfy his loyal fans. If you want to learn more about Billy Joel then view the links below.

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