Daniel Rojas

Daniel Rojas is from Commack New York & the proud creator of Long Island Hub.

Who is Daniel Rojas

Daniel Rojas is from Commack & the proud creator of Long Island Hub.

On December 29th 2017 Daniel Rojas founded the website Long Island Hub. The main goal when he hoped to accomplish with the creation of this Long Island Website was to offer a comprehensive local resource that can be made available & useful to all people who live on Long Island, New York.

More about Daniel Rojas from Commack.

Daniel Rojas is proud & happy to be born & raised in Commack New York. He is also a huge fan of living so close to Sunken Meadow Beach because it is his favorite spot to frequent during the warm seasons like summer, spring & the early parts of autumn. /p>

Daniel Rojas also runs several other websites like Gift Card Suite, Map of Long Island Towns and many others. He is multi passionate & wants to serve his local community on Long Island.

If you are interested in learning more about Daniel Rojas then you can visit his online portfolio website Rojas Portfolio.

In addition to Daniel Rojas's passion for creating Long Island Hub & other useful websites he is also a famous animator. You can find his animations on his website DZ JAMES or view his Youtube channel at @dzjamesofficial

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