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Hello, my name is Daniel Rojas from I live in the Long Island Town of Commack. Our belief is to create economic equality by supporting Local Business on Long Island. You will find that in this Digital New World this movement is not mine but belongs to all of the good people on Long Island. We are more than a movement that puts up stickers & social media posts. Discover how we will change the world for the betterment of mankind for the masses. This is not a political or a protest movement. Our cause is different because we believe in doing good & are not looking for permission to change the currupt rules that have been hurting the people, animals, enviornment and our future. Ready or not, here we are, we will thrive!

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What is Long Island Hub Grow Local?

#GROWLOCAL is not about making money for 1 person but to SUPPORT LONG ISLAND LOCAL BUSINESSES! Many people scratch their heads and ask me why am I doing this labor for Free?

My answer is simple,

Their are More VALUABLE things in Life than the Bottom Line!

MOTIVATED by on our unconditional Love and Care for The People of Long Island. For too long have we been stepped on by the oppresive BIG BUSINESSES that destroy our communities Local Businesses.

ONLY TOGETHER can we even the playing field for a better economy that will serve the economy for the masses in our peaceful and ambitious movement.

Baby Boomers have failed us with their outdated & toxic societal institutions. Leaving us, the Millennial Generation in Financial Debt, Plastic Pollution & where money is more valued over the human life.

This is just the tip of the ice berg of all the problems our predecessors handed over to us. Right now it is our mission as to create solutions for the present day & future generations.

THANK YOU for taking the time to hear our message and let's change the world with our NEW Generation of Entrepreneurs!


Our mission is to even the playing field to create more economic equality. If we don't act now Local Businesses wont have a chance as Big Business continues to dominate.

You must act now by stop putting our local money in facelesss rich pockets.

This is only good for the 1% who want to control everyone else, like there playing the board game Monoply.

Do you own a Local Business on Long Island? Income inequality has plagued our Nation for far to long. The masses have become dependent on Big Business. We got Jobs because we thought it meant security but all it did was make the rich richer and poor poorer and now decaying the middle class.

Long Island Local's need more of an entrepreneurial spirit because creating a business is hard yes, but 100% possible. Nothing good in life comes easy & this is important for 2 main factor. Good things require hard work, thinking smart & staying true to your ambition until it is seen to success.

This 1st factor filters out the lazy & people who don't appreciate hard work because they do not deserve the good that it creates. The 2nd factor is those who do prove to be true hard workers get to reep what the sow & experience the sensational feeling of success that they earned through blood, sweat & tears.


Focus on our Local Businesses and take action. Buy local, keep it local ! Yes, GROW LOCAL!

If you want to start your own Business, than you can 100% do it! We know many people say a job offers security but this is a myth!

If you were a naturalized born citizen of America we were brought up to follow this fictional tempate that keeps us down. Growing up in our schools we were taught to get good Grades, get into a good College and get a good Job.

Well this is no longer GOOD for the masses we need inspire our communities to have a more entrenuerial spirit. There is no reason why you can't be your own Boss right now if you planned and took true action.

For one moment think of your Bosses or Owners of the Company you work for. Ask yourself this "Are they really that much smarter than I am?" If you're still reading we already know your answer and this should inspire you believe in yourself.

Stop calling your aspirations Dreams because that makes them intangible.

Begin to call you aspirations Goals they become tangible and real!

You can do it and you have the #GROWLOCAL Movement behind you having your back each step of the way!


  1. Buy Local
  2. Keep it Local
  3. Shop Eco Friendly Products
  4. Only Buy Locally Grown or Organic Products
  5. Join #GROWLOCAL & Be Apart of a Movement with a Good Cause & Important Purpose!

Now ask yourself, what will you do next? If you need more inspiration we have more literature to motivate you to success, just continue reading below!

Why You MUST Grow Local!

Support local economic growth or accept death, disease, and financial oppression. If you are a good person than you love our Local Long Island Businesses & hate the corrupt big business.

1% of the United States population controls 99% of the country’s wealth. Do you believe in supporting your local economy or put more money in the pockets of the faceless big business billionaires?

This problem is an epidemic because it often leads to pollution, poverty & environmental disasters. Our future doesn’t have to be a dystopia.

Because if we come together in our mission-focused cause, we create an amazing future for all.


If Yes, we are the BEST on Long Island! Think of us like the Long Island Yellow Pages but a 100 Times Better! Our Digital Marketing Services That Are Specialized For Long Island, NY. Call Us Now At (631) 371-3039!

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