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How To Look Like 007 With This Long Island Watch

What is Known As The #1 Official James Bond Watch Is About To Change.

So you want to know how to look like 007 with the famous Long Island Watch?

Why wouldn't you because James Bond is the ultimate alpha male. When you ask a teenage boy of who he would like to be like when he grows up, 007 is on the top 10 of most of their lists. Let's not limit this fantasy lifestyle to just teens as many adults wish to be like him as well.


When you think of James Bond and his wrist watches, Rolex is the first that comes to mind. We will explain the secrets later in this article why 007 is known for his Rolex watches.

Imagine if Jame Bond were a real person, he wouldn't merely subject himself to just ONE wristwatch brand. Both of us know he is an exciting man and would have at least 3 to 7 different popular wrist watch brands in his collection.

I am 100% confident James Bond would wear around his wrist if he were a real man and not fiction.

This wrist watch is unlike any other watch you have seen before.

In this article, I will highlight 1 other specific Watch Brand.

Do you want to know which Watch it is?

I bet you do!

You Will Look Like 007 with Franck Muller's Long Island Watch.


Take a look at the collection of all of the Long Island Watches. The design of the Long Island Watch pays tribute to the Art Deco development in another vision of the Novecento style.

The Long Island, driven by its rectangular shape and numbers, has turned into a central accumulation of Franck Muller. On account of its rectilinear and angled numerals, the Long Island has turned into a notable model intended to fit the wrist of royalties splendidly.


With James Bond being such a classy and esoteric man, its easy to see him wearing a Long Island Watch around his wrist.

Although we must remind you, James Bond is a fictional character and not real. So, to discover the mystery to why James Bond is exclusively known for wearing Rolex's keep reading!

If you are reading this, we know you have viewed at least two or more James Bond Movies. Most of the 007 or James Bond movies are Rated PG-13, except for the sole 1989 film titled "Licence to Kill" starring Timothy Dalton. Eventually, the bond film was edited to be rated PG-13 by the MPAA.


They're maybe more young fans of James Bond, but this famous fictional character is over 70 years old. The 007 Series was initially a spy novel authored by Ian Lancaster Fleming who was born on May 28th, 1908 and past on August 12th, 1964. The imagination of Ian Fleming created James Bond in the early 1950s or 1940s.

Before his James Bond series struck gold like a certain "Gold Finger", he was an English Author, Journalist, and a Britain Naval intelligence officer for WW2. There is little imagination needed to understand where Ian Fleming drew his inspiration from for writing the James Bond Book Series.

Ian Fleming's Britain's Naval Intelligence Division experience certainly shaped his would be future spy novels. Many Scholars and psychological experts conclude that Jame's Bond was Ian Fleming's fantasy alter-ego. His Jame's Bond Spy Novel series captivated the reader's attention in bulletproof ways.


"Casino Royale" published in the year 1953 would be the first of many 007 Spy Novel's. Eleven full Jame Bond novels would follow Casino Royale. Then two additional short stories authored by Ian Fleming. They are totaling up to a sum of 14 written stories about James Bond from the creator Ian Fleming.

If you are asking how many 007 films are there, we have the answer below.

How many James Bond movies are there?

The answer is 26.

They're twenty six James Bond Movies in total.

That is almost double the number of books published by the original author himself. Almost a decade after the first Ian Fleming 007 Novel was published came its first feature motion picture!

In the year 1962, Dr. No hit the silver screen and would change the cinematic industry forever! The box office hit starred Sean Connery an Academy Award Winner as James Bond.

From 1962 there have been up to seven different actors playing the MI6 secret agent James Bond or code name 007. Sean Connery certainly succeeded during his time playing the role. Many movie critics and fans of James Bond would claim that Sean Connery was not only the first but the best James Bond ever.

While there is no debate, Sean Connery played a fantastic James Bond is up to no discussion because he starred in seven of the 26. Also, take in mind the fact that this once spy novel series turned box office hit franchise still be going strong half a century later there may be something about the fictional character that stood out vs. the real-life actors who portrayed him.

Let's go down the list of each actor who starred as 007 in the Jame Bond Movies.

    Complete List of the 7 Actors Who Played James Bond.

  1. Sean Connery: 1962 to 1967, 1971 and 1983

  2. David Niven: 1967

  3. George Lazenby: 1969

  4. Roger Moore: 1972 to 1985

  5. Timothy Dalton: 1986 to 1994

  6. Pierce Brosnan: 1994 to 2004

  7. Daniel Craig: 2005 to present

Many think that Daniel Craig's time starring as James Bond is not forever like diamonds. Leaving 007 fans with the most obvious and talked about question. That question with no answer to date is, who will be the 8th Jame Bond?

Many have guessed as the next Bond is rumored to anyone from Tom Hardy to Idris Elba and more. As soon as we find out, we will update this blog that day!


Even though the answer to who will be the next Bond is clearly a Famous Actor from Hollywood. Even though its unrealistic we often answer that question with me! Yes, I am talking about you! You! The one who are reading this right now! We know it crossed your mind before or even now. Ian Fleming's fantasy alter-ego was one that he kept to himself but gave to the entire world.

Every boy, male teenager and man's fantasy is to be like Jame Bond. 007 is the epitome of the ultimate cool and eccentric man. Everything about him is desirable to the heterosexual male from his "Casanova" like a charm for women to 007's expensive taste in exotic cars and expensive clothing.

Throughout Time,
Pun Fully Intended...

Why is 007 known for ONLY Wearing ONE watch brand?

With the Movie Business being just that, a Business...

There is no surprise to what 007's favorite brands were. Many companies and brands selling exotic cars, clothing, to wristwatches wanted to place their product on James Bond in his motion pictures.

If you're an excellent Bond fan or merely familiar with the classic movie franchise, you will know his brand of choice for wrist watches was The Rolex.

Often in many late and most recent 007 films, you see your favorite secret agent rocking a Rolex on his wrist. Take in mind its only because Rolex the company made a product placement deal with the popular movie franchise.

Overtime The Rolex became Grandfathered in with the identity of James Bond.

When people think of Jame Bond and watches, they think Rolex.

Just like when you think of Peanut Butter and ..... "blank," you will most likely say jelly.

It is all business marketing and companies bidding for the affinities of James Bond.

Back to James Bond's brand loyalty to the Rolex has become so predominant that it was to be seen wearing a G-Shock or Fit Bit it would be too off-putting to the loyal 007 fans.

As brought up earlier in this blog post that if James Bond were Non-Fictional and could select his wristwatch, he would take a look at the Franck Muller Long Island Watch Collection.

What do you think?

Would James Bond wear a Franck Muller Long Island Watch?

Lawrence E. Orient

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