Long Island Blizzard Warning!

NY Governor Kathy Hochul Declares State of Emergency
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Long Island News Post Published on January 28th 2022, Written by Long Island Hub.

On Friday, January 28th of 2022 NY Governor Kathy Hochul declared a New York Statewide emergency for the upcoming blizzard!

NY Governor Kathy Hochul Declares State of Emergency!

NY Governor Kathy Hochul

NY Governor Kathy Hochul Friday proclaimed a state of emergency starting at 8 Friday night as a massive snow storm is expected to pile up to 15 inches of snow on Long Island.

The National Weather Service on Friday gave a snowstorm cautioning for Suffolk County, which is active from 7 p.m. Friday until 7 p.m. Saturday.

Blizzard Warning for Long Island, NY!

Dominic Ramunni from Upton on Long Island is a meteorologist who chimed in on this upcoming Long Island Blizzard.

He made this statement in regards to the snow storm "Blizzard conditions are now expected across Suffolk and even potentially across Nassau at times. especially early tomorrow morning..."

This is a different from other blizzards we have experienced over the last four years.

2018 was the latest blizzard warning on Long Island we have had until today!

For more information on how to stay safe during this blizzard in regards to supplies, see this Build a Kit Website.

Stay safe Long Island!


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Long Island News Post Published January 28th, 2022

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