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In this article we are going to examine how you the New York resident is being duped by the NY plastic bag ban. We will examine the cold hard facts on plastic pollution, recycling plastic bags and reusable plastic bags. Most importantly we will tell you the secrets they don’t want you to know on how you can save the environment from plastic bags but also save money in the process.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Who invented plastic?

Leo Baekeland invested plastic in the year 1907. Ironically, Leo Hendrik Baekeland lived in a New York State upon inventing plastic. Baekeland was chemist who immigrated to the United States from Belgium.

If you’re demanding more specific answers. Good, this is what you should be doing and less accepting everything you are told as true. Even this article.

Who invented plastic bags?

Sten Gustaf Thulin invested plastic bags in the year 1959. The man who invested plastic bags was a Swedish Engineer.

It is rumored that it was created to actually have a positive impact on our environment believe it or not. Remember when the cashier use to ask you if you wanted paper or plastic?

Deforestation was seen as a huge environmental issue in 1950's and it still is even to this very day.

This is the reason why Sten Gustaf Thulin invented plastic bags & believed they would be better for the environment is because they are quicker to produce and obvious don’t require cutting down tree.

Little did anyone know at the time that this environmental solution would become an epidemic to our planet’s health.

How long does it take for a plastic bag to decompose?

It can take anywhere from 400 hundred to around 1,000 years for a plastic bag to fully decompose.

This is why it is estimated that 85% to 90% of all plastic materials ever made still exists to this day. Because it’s important to remember that plastic was just invented in the year 1907 by Leo Baekeland.

You are reading this in the year 2020, that means plastic has only been around for 113 years!

With a plastic bag having a life span from four hundred to one thousand years it is no wonder why they are taking over the oceans.

Because they are being produced and used in the billions every year. Plus, most of them will have another 900 years before they fully decompose.

Don’t Recycle Plastic Bags

Don’t recycle plastic bags, because if you recycle plastic bag you are stupid. You may ask how is trying to help the environment a stupid thing? As we know history has told us creating new solutions doesn’t always mean it fixes the problem.

In fact, if you try to debate anyone how inventing plastic bags helps the environment will be a hard one to win today. As we all know that plastic pollution is becoming a global issue that is killing our environment and all forms of life.

Let’s make our point with why recycling plastic bags is being stupid with this. Because the fact is most people do not even know the real difference between recycling vs reusing.

What is the definition of recycle?

According to Oxford, the definition of recycle is to:

“Convert (waste) into reusable material.”

Knowing this information, it’s easy to see the difference between what recycling is and what reusing is. Recycling as we read above means to convert waste into a reusable material.

Think about that.

Recycling means to convert “WASTE” into a reusable material. Why would Plastic Bags be considered “WASTE” if plastic can last up to 1,000 YEARS?

You have to change your perception on the plastic bags you already have!

Here is another fun fact. The leather material shoppers use to buy their reusable bags don’t know but even the top leathers will only last for at most 15 to 20 years. Think about that and know realize what you have to do to next.

Don’t Buy Reusable Shopping Bags

Don’t buy reusable shopping bags because you’re simply wasting your money and not helping the go green movement.

We are told to use Reusable Bags at the supermarket. The problem is most of the reusable bags being sold are made of plastic. Whether they are stuffed somewhere in your car, house, apartments or jacket those plastic bags are not waste.

Plastic bags should be seen as precious stones because of how long they last. You can pass down plastic bags to your children and they can pass it down to their grand kids, and their grand kids and the plastic bags will still be usable.


Stop Saying You’re Reusing Plastic Bags

If you want to not be duped by the secrets being feed to you by the powers that be you need to open your mind to the truth. If you choose to use a plastic bag to carry your money you’re not reusing it.

Think about it like this. No one says “oh that’s the same wallet as last weekend? Reusing it I see.” That wallet will be dust almost a millennia before the same plastic bag will decompose.

This brings us to our next secret reveal that will save you money & help grow your local economy!

Don’t give them your 5 Cents

The NY Plastic Ban in many cases doesn’t even make sense because you can still use them. The so called plastic ban is lifted for the cost of a Nickel. Don’t pay the 5-cents because the business doesn’t receive a dime of that that 5 cents.

As a result it hurts the local businesses and to add insult to injury all of that extra money goes to the government.

TAKE A MOMEMENT TO THINK: Ask yourself this question. How well does the government do with making use our tax paying dollars? Especially on Long Island or within all of New York State?

For the most part the majority of informed citizens would say they do a terrible job. This is just an opinion but let's provide you with some facts about the government and handling money.

  • In case you didn’t know Nickel is a type of metal.

  • The US Nickel is supposed to represent the value of one Nickel if you paid 5 pennies.

  • Here is a sad truth about the coin that rocks our 3rd President Thomas Jefferson.

  • Our Nickel is actually made up of 75% Copper & ONLY contains about 25% Nickel.

In Conclusion

Here is the solution to the consumer who is shaking in their boots about this NY Plastic Ban.

Don’t recycle your plastic bags because it is bad for your wallet and the environment. Don’t buy reusable grocery bags because they are again another waste of money and again not good for the environment. Don’t give them your Nickels. The only people that should have to pay Nickel tax are those who fail to read or share this article.

What to do?

Save your plastic bags so you can use them for when you go out and buy groceries. Realize that plastic bags aren’t waste and have value. Make sure to use your bags and even share them with your friends and family. The same goes as you are going to share this article because you know it’s the right thing to do!

Long Island News Post Updated March 10th, 2020

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