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Oakdale New York

The Gold Coast of America in 1890

William Vanderbilt, Fredrick Bourne, and Christopher Robert, perhaps you recognize a few of these names if you’re a native long islander, with a buff for history.

These men in their era were the Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s of their day; that is fabulously wealthy men.

If you have ever driven through the quaint town of Oakdale along Montauk highway, you would never even have considered it as one of the premier summer home locations for some of Americas wealthiest people in the late 19th century.

Oakdale is a small town set beside the Connetquot River basin of the Great South Bay. Local legend has it that these wealthy men were out on a pleasant millionaire hunting trip.

Taking place nearby a small bar along the river. This long island bar is said to be located where the modern-day Snapper Inn is found, a seafood Italian style restaurant.

At this bar, the men shared several drinks to the point a contest began

William Vanderbilt then exclaimed, “Nobody could build a bigger house than the one he was building.” This sparked Fredrick Bourne accepted that as a challenge.

Mr. Robert also became excited by the idea of this contest to see “who could build the biggest and best home?”

Naturally, these obscenely wealthy men-built palaces of summer homes with lavish brickwork, and stone pillar columns. The mansions each had many servants with separate housing either on the property or down the road.

These mansions today still stand and have been maintained as historical sites and rented out by universities, wedding venues, public events, and concert halls.

So many years later...

Does Oakdale, NY still attract competitive millionaires to drink and build huge houses?

Well not quite.

Oakdale today is a still mostly unknown gem of Long Island with a rich and classical history.

Today what can attract visitors to Oakdale is the short boat ride to some of Fire Island’s most popular venues. This southern land to Long Island is an excellent place to take a vacation.

Featuring several top quality Long Island Restaurants, like “The View”, take a guess what is known for? “Manninos” a southern Italian style restaurant. Both restaurants attract customers from all over Long Island.

Here in Oakdale NY, we have a passion for the water and outdoors, which is why in the summer you find lots of boaters, kayakers, beachgoers, fisherman, and foodies enjoying cocktails and mimosas along the Connetquot River.

Just as our wealthy ancestors of the past, the Oakdale natives of today enjoy some good spirits and live for the Oakdale summer.

Joseph S - Oakdale born and raised
CEO of Tiger Marketing LLC

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