Space Zambonie

A Long Island, NY based Online Media Company.

Space Zambonie

Space Zambonie is an online media company that produces animations, podcasts and entertainment.

Alex Piccirillo & his best friend Matthew W are the co-creators of the Long Island based media & entertaiment company known as Space Zambonie.

Alex & Matt together are an unstoppable force of creativity & fun. They have been producing amazing content for a long time now. You will be in stitches after watching or listening to any of Space Zambonie's content from their animated videos, hilarious podcasts, gaming videos & much more!

If you visit Space Zambonie's Youtube Channel you can see they have been around on this one platform since Dec 5, 2016. Also as of today June 5th, 2023 they have close to a quarter million views!

One of my favorite videos that Space Zambonie has animated is 100% the cartoon parody about Nathan Fielder who is a comedic genius. If you watch that specific video you will see how great Alex & Matt are at their crafts.

If you want to be entertained or need any online media services from them all you have to do is search for Space Zambonie & make sure to include the "E" at the end of the word Zambonie. So now you know it is spelled Space Zambonie & be sure to enjoy their work

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