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Stony Brook is a historic hamlet located on the north shore of Long Island within Suffolk County in the State of New York. Nestled along the Long Island Sound, Stony Brook is home to many historic houses as well as new homes and construction that stretch south to the bordering towns of Centereach and Lake Grove. Route 25A is often referred to as the split between the more affluent, historical, northern part of Stony Brook and the more affordable developments and suburbs to the south. Stony Brook is part of the town of Brookhaven, and according to the census of 2010, it has a population of approximately 13,740 people.

Stony Brook's History

Stony Brook has a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Records indicate that Stony Brook was established in 1660, a few years after the neighboring town of Setauket was established. The original name was “Wopowog,” a Native American term which meant – the land at the narrows – which referred to the narrow inlet from the Long Island Sound into Stony Brook Harbor. The first road in Stony Brook was developed in 1685 and is still in use and is currently known as Main Street. A grist mill was built in 1699 by Adam Smith; however it was destroyed by a storm in 1751. It was eventually rebuilt shortly and still stands to this day. Today, the Stony Brook grist mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In the 1870s, the Long Island Rail Road constructed a north shore route and Stony Brook became a destination for many travelers and were very popular as a resort town until World War I. Ward Melville was a famous developer, historian and notable resident of Stony Brook. He funded and supported the restoration of many historic homes and businesses within the community and helped to develop the area that is now known as the Stony Brook Village Center, which he modeled after Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The Ward Melville Heritage Organization was established to teach the public about the significance of Ward Melville’s contributions to the Long Island community

Stony Brook is known for many of the historic 18th and 19th-century buildings that are still in use today, many of which were owned by local farmers, artisans, and seamen.

School System and Education

Stony Brook is part of the Three Village School District. The district serves approximately 6,400 students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. The neighborhood is comprised of five elementary schools, two junior high schools and one high school, Ward Melville High School. Ward Melville High School was recognized as a School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education. The district also has an alternative high school named the Three Village Academy. The Three Village Academy provides students with a nontraditional, alternative education environment.

Stony Brook University

Founded in 1957, Stony Brook University is an accredited university that is part of the SUNY (State University of New York) system. It offers over 200 undergraduate programs, over 100 master’s programs, and more than 40 doctoral programs. The mission of Stony Brook University is to “provide comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and professional education of the highest quality.” Stony Brook has the largest campus in the SUNY system, which includes 212 buildings situated on 1,454 acres of land.

Stony Brook University Hospital

Stony Brook University Hospital is located on the east campus of the university. It is the largest academic medical center on Long Island and offers over 600 beds for patient healthcare. A part of the Stony Brook University system, the hospital integrates all of the university’s health-related initiatives including education, research, and patient care. The campus features six Health Sciences schools including Medicine, Nursing, Dental Medicine, Health Technology and Management, Social Welfare and Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. Stony Brook University Hospital also includes Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital and more than ninety healthcare locations throughout Suffolk County.

Museums and Culture

The Long Island Museum – The Museums at Stony Brook

Stony Brook is home to the Long Island Museum, located on Route 25A in Stony Brook. The museum is a Smithsonian affiliate and is dedicated to preserving the rich history and diverse cultures of Long Island. The Long Island Museum features three separate genre museums that feature Long Island-based American art, history, and carriages. Recognized as "A National Treasure” the museum contains over 40,000 items dating from the late 1700s to the present day. The History Museum has numerous displays of Long Island's history and its relation to American culture. The Art Museum features art from the museum's immense collection as well as traveling exhibitions, and the Carriage Museum features ten galleries that house the museum's collection of over 200 horse-drawn carriages.

Stony Brook Village Center

The Stony Brook Village Center was a concept initially developed by Ward Melville, and today it features a village green, numerous shops, diverse businesses, restaurants, and historic sites. It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon browsing around the quaint shops, enjoying the scenery of Stony Brook Harbor and perhaps stopping in one of the many cafes for a delicious lunch or a bite to eat.

Stony Brook Parks

Avalon Park & Preserve

Affectionately called the “Stony Brook Duck Pond,” this quaint park offers nature and hiking trails, benches to enjoy the view of the lake and feed the numerous species of ducks that inhabit the pond.

Stony Brook Restaurants

Stony Brook is home to many great restaurants to enjoy a gourmet meal or a quick and delicious bite to eat. Some of the most notable spots are listed below.


Located in the Stony Brook Village Center, Pentimento offers various Italian dishes in a rustic, contemporary setting.

Robinson’s Tea Room

Robinson’s Tea Room offers an authentic “British High Tea” that is served daily as well as fresh baked desserts, scones and other sweet treats. It is located in the Stony Brook Village Center.

Crazy Beans

This cozy cafe serves breakfast, lunch and light dinners. Stop in for a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it with one of their homes made baked goods. It is located in the Stony Brook Village Center.

Mirabelle Restaurant at the Three Village Inn

Located on Main Street in Stony Brook, Mirabelle is a classic French restaurant that offers French bistro classics as well as tantalizing American comfort food. Executive Chef, Guy Reuge changes the menu often, only serving the freshest and in-season ingredients.


Stony Brook also has several lodging options within the village.

  • Hilton Garden Inn, Circle Rd, Stony Brook (located on the campus of Stony Brook University)
  • Holiday Inn Express, Nesconset Highway in Stony Brook
  • The Three Village Inn, Main Street in Stony Brook

Whether you choose to visit for the day or you are looking to buy a home, Stony Brook is a town that is rich in culture, history, and community.


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