Why eGift Cards are Eco-friendly

Learn why eGift Cards are Enviornmentally Friendly Products.

Why e-Gift Cards are Eco-friendly

eGift Cards are eco-friendly because they are digital items vs physical items. This means they leave a zero carbon foot print.

Now in 2020, The rate of global warming is higher than ever!


Before you dismiss this article due to any previous political beliefs,

Hear us out.

We will give you simple FACTS.

These facts are based on scientific research and in-depth investigative journalism.

We are NOT trying to sell you on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal". This article's has no political biaseds or affiliations. Al Gore is NOT our boss, and we are NOT trying to make you watch "An Inconvenient Truth."

My objectice for this article is as transparent crystal clear glass.

Raise awareness of the lethal threats caused by plastic pollution.

This article is very relevant to you if you own a local business.

If you are a business owner, our solutions won't cost you a dime.

They will help you save and make more money!

We know you heard of many USA states adding an extra charge for plastic bags. But did you know that very soon, Starbucks is going to stop offering plastic straws in all 29,324 locations worldwide?

Now let me ask you for a small favor... Please answer the question below.

Do you have a few minutes to help save the world?

If you are still reading this, pat yourselves on the back because you have just proven you care about our planet's health.

Now let us reveal to you how plastic pollution is expensive and not eco-friendly.

Did you know?

The Arctic ice sheet is melting at alarming, record-breaking rates and ecosystems all over the world are adversely affected. Making hundreds of unique species of animals, birds, and plants go extinct in the wild.

One of the main culprits of these environmental hazards is plastic. The oceans of the world have billions of tons of plastic flowing in them.

We are causing the loss of our once vast aqua-biodiversity. It is high time that we begin to realize the extent of damage that our actions are causing to our planet!

If we are to sustain the beauty and splendor on our Earth, we have to take action now! Even the slightest change to our daily practices can go a long way because every journey begins with the first step.

Gift cards are something that is extremely popular in today’s time and every year people spend billions of dollars on them.

Restaurant's rank in huge profits with gift cards every year!

The use of plastic gift cards is however hazardous to our planet, and therefore there has been a new invention of electronic gift cards that can be sold and purchased online.

The sales of electronic gift cards are growing by up to 200% annually, and this is good news for the planet. The advent of electronic gift cards allows people to cut down on their plastic consumption because they are digital and can be purchased online without the use of any plastic or paper.

This is especially important because plastic gift cards, after being used, mostly end up in landfills where they are not recycled and also are not completely biodegradable. This releases harmful toxins into the environment which harm the atmosphere and spread plastic pollution.

If not a landfill, most of the plastic on the land is flown with rainwater into rivers and through them, into seas and oceans which significantly contributes to the already huge problem of plastic in our waters. Using e-gift cards is an easy and convenient way of saving the environment, and it can protect a business and its customers a lot of trouble also.

Additionally, in today’s times, there is an excellent spread of awareness and millennials are moving towards an eco-friendly world. That is, they prefer to buy products and services that do not harm the environment, and this is why shifting towards selling e-gift cards is so important.

When you choose to sell eGift cards, it can provide your business with a high selling point, and that can appeal to more customers that are concerned about the environment. A good brand image can further lead to the establishment of customer loyalty that can boost your sales and bring you more revenue.

Being eco-friendly in today’s world is crucial to be a sustainable business. Deciding to sell e-cards can bring your business one step closer to what distinguishes an ethical, socially responsible business from one that only focuses on profit and does not care about any brand image.

Many local businesses on Long Island, NY have begun to adopt selling eGift Cards over plastic gift cards. Their revenue is soaring, and it is not by mistake.

The Future of Gift Cards is going to electronic and plastic will be a thing of the past.

Listen to me when I say this is the greatest Win-Win business deal of the century! Everyone and everything living will prosper in ways like we could have never imagined before.

What Now?

I challenge YOU to write a comment with another solution on we can our local businesses more eco-friendly!

What are you waiting for?

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