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Do you own Business on Long Island, NY?

If yes than you must sell gift cards online electronically instantly for your Long Island Business. We have good news for you the small and or local business owners on Long Island New York.

You don’t have to stop your revenue stream just because of the unfortunate pandemic we know as the Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19).

Selling gift cards online is especially important right now because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. NY Governor Cuomo has taken action to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus 2019. Recently NY Governor Cuomo giving a press conference in regards to how to handle coronavirus disease 2019 with our NYS Budget to accommodate funding for our hospitals.

In addition the executive order includes closing many types on businesses to contain the spread of the virus. This is good because we need to make sure everyone stays healthy. Although it doesn’t come with clear consequences to Local Businesses being hit hard on Long Island.

Many types of Local Businesses on Long Island have already gone out of business sadly. Other Long Island Businesses that are able to stay afloat are taking a huge hit financially because of the Coronavirus 2019.

List of Types of Local Long Island Businesses Hit Hardest:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Casinos
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Gyms
  • Theaters

Long Island Restaurants

Restaurants on Long Island are closed because of the executive order enacted by NY Governor Cuomo because of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). With an exception of allowing for the restaurants to if accept orders exclusive for takeout.

Fine dining restaurants that mainly produce income from serving hungry patrons at a table are suffering. Many of them are going out of business. Those who are maintaining to survive are being creative by offering special takeout deals.

The best way and most effective way a Long Island Restaurant can make money now and even after this pandemic is Selling gift cards online.

Long Island Bars

Bars on Long Island are closed as well because of the same executive order signed into law by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Bars will see a bigger hit their revenue stream versus restaurants because of the very nature of their business.

As you know bars serve alcohol and anyone 21 years old and above knows what happens if you walk outside of the bars limits with your beverage in hand. If you don’t know it means you a teetotaler and we commend you for practicing abstinence from alcoholic drinks. Most people know if you walk outside with your drink usually the bouncer or the bartender will scold you about not being aloud to walk outside with an alcoholic beverage in hand. Hopefully a police officer isn’t the one to inform you of this because of the many laws that don’t allow for this.

Many Long Island Bars are being creative by offering takeout beers, cocktails and alcoholic beverages. This is unheard of to every generation on Long Island from Baby Boomers to Millennials. This is a very gray area because of the Open Container Law that most New York State residents are well aware of. The Bars who are advertising these types of unique takeout’s market that they are properly sealing their drinks. This is most likely not allowed due the nature of the Open Container Law because sealing with tin foil is certainly different than sealing with a bottle cap and factory wrapping. We believe if this uncommon way of selling drinks doesn’t lead to any unfortunate incidents like driving while intoxicated the local bars wont get any flack for it. Our reason to presume this is because ultimately it is for the betterment of our local Long Island economy.

Long Island Bars can also earn revenue during this time by Selling gift cards online.

Long Island Casinos or Jake's 58

Casinos on Long Island, Native American Reservation Casinos and well lets face really just Jake’s 58 is getting hurt by Ny Governor Cuomo’s executive order because they have to close their doors until further notice.

Long Island Gyms

Gyms on Long Island are most likely going to be fine because they don’t have a business model like restaurants, bars or casinos. People that pay for their gym membership are already committed customers. Gyms are still taking a hit for a variety of reasons.

A popular gym on Long Island is LA Fitness. On March 16th they sent out an email stating “All memberships will be extended to cover the time the clubs are closed.”

In a way they are losing the money they would have earned if the executive order which forced all gyms in New York State to close. We can’t speak for other Long Island Gyms and what actions they are taking to respond this pandemic, but they should follow the standard that LA Fitness is setting because it is fair.

Unfortunately, the time line how long this forced closing will last as per, they don’t give a clear date and just say “closed until further notice.” There is a sense of uncertainty to how long this executive order can on for.

Don’t forget about the Fitness Trainers who produce most of their money by servicing clients inside the Long Island Gyms. As a response to the pandemic many trainers are offering virtual training courses via the internet.

This comes back to the power of offering a virtual service or product like an eGift Card.

In Conclusion

One of the best ways to make money for your local Long Island Business during this Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is to sell gift cards online.

Even after this pandemic blows over it’s a proven fact that selling gift cards are a proven money maker. Another fact is that selling eGift Cards or electronic gift cards is the future of gift cards.

Because as we are currently going through a pandemic our global environment is going through a plastic pollution epidemic. It’s hard to remember because of all the media and news bombarding you with updates of COVID-19 but it was only weeks ago that a New York Plastic Bag Ban was put into law. What this means is that now and into the future selling eGift Cards is the best investment your Long Island Business can make in 2020.

We recommend using Gift Card Suite to sell gift cards for your business because it is well known as the best gift card sales platform.

Long Island News Post Updated April, 3rd 2020

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